May 13, 2016

Sun and Moon legendaries

So that's it, we're not going any place near Kalos, but on the complete opposite of the planet, Hawaii (as many people have been speculating based on plenty of hints).

But I'm surely not the only one feeling like Kalos still desperately needs some form of closure, right?

That's why I've been thinking lately, perhaps it is not that Gen7 IS the sequel to Gen6, but rather Gen7 is a mirror, a counterpart to Gen6. (with them both getting a closure together after Sun&Moon?)

If that were the case, what better way to show that, than by making the Sun&Moon legends contrast the XY legends? Xerneas and Yveltal (and Zygarde..) share one colour in their designs prominently: black. I watched the trailer, and sure thing, Solgaleo and Lunaala (or whatever the english spelling will be) are both part white.

I would not be surprised if we find out that there is a third white legendary, Sun and Moons equivalent of Zygarde, but we'll go deeper into that some other time.

Meanwhile, here is a graphic I made to represent the idea of Gen6 and Gen7 mascot legends being part of one family:
The Legendary Hexagon
As for the designs of the two revealed legends themselves, I've got to say, I love them!

A truly majestic lion design with a perfectly integrated octagonal symmetric solar pattern on its face, contrasted by a huge winged bat-looking creature with several crescent-shaped details, as well as it itself shaping a big crescent for attacks.

Both have a cosmic-coloured face with the Sun and Moon symbols appearing on their forehead.

Going back to my comparison to the XYZ-legends, I see a contrast of life and death in these two as well. The animalistic and pure design of Solgaleo makes it look like full of energy, while Lunaala is a fragile design with the core bodypart looking almost skeletal.

Just perfect.

Sun & Moon Legendary types

Since everyone is speculating on what their types will be, here is my 2 cents on the topic.

#1 Solgaleo

Fire is pretty much given and no one is doubting that (orange symbol, fiery background, the sun-theme itself, etc.). Of course as every generation, everyone wants to shove at least a secondary type onto that while speculating. Whether it's Electric (the actual sun having a lot of electric features), or Psychic (it's the type with the deepest "cosmic" association, in that case, we'dexpect both legends to be part Psychic), or even Normal (because it's so fluffy and animalistic I suppose?).

Here is the thing, and I've said this numerous times when we were speculating Xerneas'/Yveltals type back in Gen6 reveal: the main legends DO NOT have more than one essential elemental type.

Notice anything?

None of the "epic" legendaries so far have had 2 "elemental"-types combined. They always have one important type that relates to their theme.

Yes, alot of them are dual-types, but EVERY TIME the other type is either Flying (because it is literally Flying) or Dragon to make it more epic and mythological.

So since Solgaleo is neither a Dragon, nor is it airborne, my bet is:

At most it might be Fire/Psychic, but only if both legendaries are /Psychic (which I doubt).

#2 Lunaala

I see speculation about combinations of everything from
- Dark ("darkness duh")
- Fairy (Moonblast, Moonlight)
- Psychic (general cosmic association)
- even Water (blue symbol, and to contrast Solgaleo perhaps),
as well as people actually saying it might be a repeat of Yveltals type combination of Dark/Flying.

I'm surprised that I haven't seen any speculation about it being primary Flying type, that could work better than most of these.

But everyone seems to be forgetting the single most obvious choice for Lunaala: Ghost.

It's the type actually associated with night-time and literal darkness (rather than Dark, which is about being mean at its core) and it's the only really creepy type in the chart (the skeletal pattern on Lunaalas body certainly gives it that feel, as well as the fact it looks like a dream-catcher in certain stances).

The simplest prediction here is

with Flying being added for the same reason as it has been for Ho-oh or Yveltal, because it actually flies.

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