June 02, 2016

all things cosmic = Psychic

The types have been revealed.

Lunala (yay correct spelling confirmed as well) is not secondary Flying, and we have indeed what I expected in the case that both are dual-types: they share the Psychic-type.

Not just that, it is even their primary type. Consider the DP and BW-mascots for example. Both are a trio of Dragon-type legends, but for the DP-mascots, it's just their secondary type, adding a pinch of mythic/epic to them, while for the BW-mascots, being dragon is completely essential to their concept, hence they are primary Dragon-type, with their diverse elemental types being their secondary types. So in the case of Solgaleo and Lunala, it's more like the Unova Dragons. Psychic isn't just there to make them more legendary, it is there to represent their core aspect, that being their cosmic theme.

Their secondary types are their distinguishing (and as we will see in a bit, their contrasting) flavors.

As expected, Fairy is nowhere to be seen for Lunala, but the absence of Fire for Solgaleo even caught me off-guard.

I'm relieved to see Ghost as Lunalas flavor-type, because it would have been a shame for it being such a perfect match with its ethereal design. Which brings me to the next point.

When I saw the types flash on the screen in the trailer, I immediately recognized the contrast that I've mentioned in the previous blog-entry. Solgaleo is an animalistic, down-to-earth, fleshed out creature design, whereas Lunala is the opposite, a fragile, ghastly, skeletal, other-worldly one. So it makes sense for them to be the most physical (Steel) and the least physical (an ethereal Ghost) type to make use of this contrast.

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