June 11, 2016

Formes for Xerneas and Yveltal?

First actual game-footage of Zygardes 10% and perfect formes has been released:


Some things to notice:

So, apparently the perfect form, is a temporary in-battle-exclusive forme (like Mega evolution/Primal reversion), achieved by simply having HP lowered enough, and makes Zygarde transition from its 10% forme, directly to the perfect one.

To be honest, I expected something more unique and complicated, as well as involving the original 50% forme to at least some degree in the process.

One way 50% could come into play, is if this new ability can transform it into either higher form, depending on how much damage it took. For example:

Get the HP reduced below 50% but above 10% --> Zygarde 50%
Get the HP reduced below 10% --> Perfect Zygarde

No hints on where Zygarde Core fits into this... maybe it'll just be relevant in a "Z-episode" which will end with it gaining the 10% forme and the trainer getting it?

As for the mysterious 5 colored hexagons on perfect Zygardes chest.. on the 10% forme, we still have only a red hexagon, but even more curious is the fact that in the process of transforming, we see several red hexagons rushing to it among the green ones. Why red and not blue? Or cyan or orange. The 50% forme didn't have any additional colour whatsoever though, so perhaps red it's just a random detail exclusively for the 10% forme.

It would certainly be more interesting if there was as many as 5 different 10% formes, each resembling a different kind of animal (imagine a cat for blue, something aquatic for cyan and a bird for orange for example), which would also make more sense of why this one resembles a dog in the first place (besides the greek mythological hellhound/underworld theme of course).

The other new feature we see, is Zygardes (fourth now) signature move. It shoots a rainbow beam out of its chest (although the hexagons aren't showcased even remotely clear from this move alone), carving a huge green Z into the ground.

It's pretty safe to assume that (unlike Land's Wrath, Thousand Arrows/Waves, which are all Ground-type moves) this move is actually Dragon-type, due to hitting Garchomp super-effectively in the video.

And this brings me back to...

Xerneas and Yveltal

With Zygarde having a move involving literally carving a Z onto the opponent, it would make sense if Xerneas and Yveltal would also have signature moves involving their respective letters. And considering their initial signature moves, it actually does seem like there should be a second pair of moves for them. Because, Yveltals move, Oblivion Wing, isn't even of its main type (Flying instead of Dark, just like Zygardes previous moves were all Ground-type rather than Dragon), meaning it doesn't even get a boost from its unique ability Dark Aura. And Xerneas' signature move, Geomancy, while being Fairy-type, is a status-boosting move rather than a damaging one.

So it would only be fair if Xerneas had some ramming Fairy-type move that displays an X on its target, while Yveltal slashes a Y onto it with a Dark move.

But the chances of them getting new moves alone are slim. Unless they were to get some kind of new appearances as well, justifying the new moves to go along that in the first place.

Another minor hint towards some transformation for the XY-mascots could be their identical base stats. All mascot legendaries, even minor legendary duos and trios, have differently distributed base stats, with one exception. There was a version exclusive legendary duo in Black and White, that had identical stats: Tornadus and Thundurus. But even in that case, they each got a new forme in the sequels, each with completely different stats. (and to make the comparison even better, they have a third counterpart in Landorus, which started off with different stats while also having gotten a new form along with them)

Probably looking too deep into it though.

So we got more questions than actual answers from this reveal, but at least it's some confirmation that the Kalos mythos hasn't just been abandoned in favor of something completely new.


I've noticed that we can see Zygardes HP in the japanese version of the video.
It starts out with 125, takes 120 damage, then after transforming, it's HP are 167/287.

So it kept the "damage", but its actual HP increase drastically.
This is definitely due to the forms having different base HP.

The 10% forme seems to have quite low HP (base ~50), while the perfect forme has HP far above most Pokemon (base 190+), only being outclassed by Chansey and Blissey.

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